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Anonymous writes...

I have some Jaime-related questions......

1) Does Milagro Reyes exist on Earth-16?

2) Can you give us any idea of what Bart and Jaime's friendship was like during the two month period Jaime was on mode? They didn't really talk to each other or interact in War.

3) Post-Endgame, who does Jaime consider his best friend?

4) Would you have found it irrelevant for the scarab to name himself (Khaji Da) or did you just not have time to include it in the script?

5) Was there any relevance to moded Jaime hitting Bart first in War, other than that he was simply the closest one (same with moving to kill Bart first, rather than Barbara in Intervention)?

I hope you can answer these, thanks!

Greg responds...


2. What you see is largely what you get. Just more of the same.

3. I assume you mean among the Team, in which case, Bart.

4. Neither.

5. More that he was the fastest one. If he had hit anyone else first, dealing with Bart would be difficult.

Response recorded on December 18, 2013