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Kay writes...

First of all, Thank you. Young Justice gave me hope that there are still quality "kid's shows" being created. Second, Gargoyles was one of my top five shows as a kid (And I just today learned that you're responsible for both, so thanks for that too).

Now for the main reason I'm questioning you: I've finishing up a Master's degree now and will hopefully be teaching come September. Would it bother you if I made it a goal of mine to use Young Justice in a classroom setting? I feel like the show has so much potential for talking about social justice and frankly teaching analytical skills, prediction, characterization...basically I want to use Young Justice as a teaching tool because it was such a richly created world. And the truth is, I would like your blessing to pursue this goal.

P.S. Your snark, it is amazing.

Greg responds...

I actually think Gargoyles might serve your needs better, but YJ would be very cool too.

So you absolutely have my blessing. Keep me posted on how it goes.

Response recorded on December 18, 2013