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JSA Fan writes...

Hi Greg. In one of your rambles, you mentioned that you updated the Earth-16 timeline, which included some Golden Age information.
You have mentioned in past answers some of the characters that made up the JSA and All-Star Squadron, including when they joined and how long they remained in these groups.
Are the complete rosters included in your timeline, as well as all of the members' length of service and their final fates (who died in battle, who retired, and who is still living)?
Some characters that I remember from old issues are relatively obscure, like Tarantula and Johnny Thunder. How closely do the Earth-16 rosters match with the ones seen in the comics, and do they include such characters that are not as well-known?

Greg responds...

I'm not going to outline here the closeness or not-closeness of Earth-16's JSA and A-SS with the old comics. Figure it's about as close or not as our JL was to the comics.

I have a complete roster for the JSA in the timeline. I intentionally left things a bit more open for the A-SS, so that we could add characters to that group if Brandon or I chose to at a later date. But I have a pretty good idea of who the core members of the A-SS were.

As for final fates, I definitely know some, and definitely made a conscious decision NOT to make a decision about others. If I didn't have a specific story in mind for one character or another, I left his or her fate undefined - until I came up with something that justified making a choice.

Response recorded on February 04, 2014