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Jordan writes...

Hi there Greg!

One thing I've always loved about Gargoyles is that the villains all have certain vulnerabilities and emotional sore spots. Xanatos with his family, and immortality and arrogance. Demona and her loneliness and denial. Etc.

Dr.Sevarius always seemed to be just be outright evil though. No empathy for anything, no emotional vulnerability, just a total mad scientist. In your mind, is there some emotional element to him that was undiscovered, and would you at all share what that may be? Not asking for any sort of story spoilers, just some general character insight!


Greg responds...

"Mad"? I think he enjoyed playing the mad scientist, but I wouldn't think that would be a legally defensible position.

He enjoys money, science and drama, not necessarily in that order.

As to emotional elements, I'll leave that either to your interpretation or to future stories. But we've certainly seen his feelings hurt, if that counts.

Response recorded on February 10, 2014