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Sebastian "Brother" Blood writes...

Hey Greg,
I am another in your legion of fans, converted by Gargoyles, which i saw as a kid on Jetix, and then came SSM, which was EPIC. Since, in India, YJ wasnt telecast (we are not encouraged to watch animation or read comics here, quite the opposite, sadly as it is considered "childish") I ordered DVDs to see it. I also ordered Rain of the Ghosts (I started it, and it felt awesome. An all ages, yet not dumbed-down novel) and YJL online. The reason i wrote this to you is that while YJL has a solid story, as a game, there is no other way to say it, it's sub-par. Many of the levels are repetitive and borderline unnecessary and even illogical (For example, In the Museum civilian rescue with John Stewart, the villains who are non-ninjas also magically appear and keep attacking us instead of trying to get to safety, as a villain in a story, not a game, would, and 6-7 times i believe. It is irritating and pointless. If 2 or 3 hordes were there, i would have understood. And this repeats on every stage. The cargo boat level was also the same. The fighting system is also boring once you figure out that all the characters are essentially the same with different animation. The graphics arent too great either, but they arent that bad either.) I think that the developers should take support from you guys into figuring what parts should be there. My ideal version would be that the game would be like a season's worth of Young Justice with us playing the fights and doing recon and so on.... Well, i would recommend that the developers take a template of Arkham City, which flawlessly does what YJL tries to do, but the only thing which is common is that both have a great story. I liked the Red Arrow Journals. If you do make a game set post-season two, please do more stuff like that. But, honestly, by the time you read this (I estimate that it will be in July 2014) a decision on that will be out and i fear it will not be the one we want. So, it might have been pointless to write the above stuff, but i wanted to get it out of my system. Also, two questions :-
1. Do you have any idea of your fanbase outside of the US?

Greg responds...

1. Only anecdotally. Fans who post here or on Twitter, etc.

2. Did I miss your second question?

As for the game, as I've candidly admitted before, I'm not personally a gamer. I can work on story, but most of the things you're discussing are a bit beyond my area of expertise - even a bit beyond my understanding. If the game-play wasn't the best for you, I hope the story and characters still made it worthwhile. Far as I know, there's been no decisions made yet.

Response recorded on February 13, 2014