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James Musgrove writes...

Caught your appearance on the nerdy show (linked from bleedingcool.com) and I'll be honest...I wasn't looking for a new book series. It was your passionate talk about how you wanted to tell Rain's story that got my attention and I just picked up my copy today. Tearing through it! Very relatable dialogue and clear narrative! Anyways, I had a few questions regarding this book:
1) Rain Cacique...how is this pronounced?
2) is Charlie's last name pronounced the French way?
3) while I definitely wouldn't expect it anytime soon because you're selling the book now, but would you give some thought to posting the script for the radio play/pilot some time in the future, after book nine comes out? :)
I don't suppose the audio of this exists and would ever be postable?
4) without SPOILING (of course), can you give any insight to elements that were changed/dropped/added in the rewrite of book one from the original manuscript?
5) all I can add right now is that I'm spreading the word and I haven't event finished it yet. That and WE NEED EXPANDED UNIVERSE RAIN OF THR GHOSTS COMICS!!! :)

Thanks so much. I'll probably be around here quite a bit!

Greg responds...


1. Rain's family pronounces Cacique: kah-SEEK.

2. Charlie's family pronounces Dauphin: DAWF-in.

3. I don't know if anyone recorded it way back when. I might, down the road, post the script. Not anytime soon, though.

4. One major character was added. (Not to the series as a whole but to the first book.) A few minor characters were also added.


Response recorded on February 20, 2014