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Todd Jensen writes...

I bought the final volume of the "Young Justice" trade paperback series today, and thought I'd give you a brief review of it.

I remember some of your viewers commenting on a map of Bialya in the second season and wondering whether it had annexed Qurac during the time-skip. The "Year Five" scenes suggest that they weren't so far from the truth.

Liked Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen's cameos.

One of my favorite moments: Nightwing figuring out how to get a message to the teammates in Metropolis, based on sight being the one form of communication between Metropolis and the world outside that wasn't blocked.

I noticed seeds for a potential future story with the revelation that Kylstar has plans for galactic conquest in order to defeat the enslavers of his people. As well as foreshadowing of events in the second season of the television series with Brainiac convinced that Earth's doomed and that he'd better preserve a piece of it, in the form of Metropolis, before disaster strikes; presumably, he'd gotten wind of the Reach's plans.

And we get another argument between Jaime and his scarab that looks strange to everyone else.

I was glad to see another "Not the End" caption, like the one in "Clan-Building". It fits your style so well.

(I did wonder, though, what the significance of the fifth chapter's title was. It was the only one I couldn't link to "Monopoly".)

Greg responds...

They're all characters in the game.

Response recorded on February 24, 2014