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fallenlegend writes...

Hello Greg! I have a question related now to witch tv series.

I know that you were basically hired to write a "magical girl series" that you had zero input on it's creation with this in mind...

Would you pitch a "magical girl" show idea of your own or would you rather pursue other projects?

Was it ever odd or hard to write for a girl power fantasy show? I don't know if you had experience but I think a show like "WITCH" could be hard to relate as a man when it is so obviously directed at girls as a main audience.

(I am sure many boys liked it but... I am sure most would enjoy more playing being like iron man than being a guardian)

what do you think was the main appeal of "WITCH"?

Do you think boys could relate to "magical girls" like the witch ?

Greg responds...

1. I was NOT hired to write a "magical girl series". Quite the reverse. WITCH was originally developed to be that in Season One, but I was specifically brought in with marching orders to make it more of an action-adventure show (with humor) that appealed to boys and girls.

2. I've pitched many series with female leads (and magic), including RAIN OF THE GHOSTS, which I sold. It didn't go, so I turned it into a novel.

3. Not for me. I'll leave it to others to judge whether or not I was successful, but I like - maybe even prefer - to write for female characters.

4. Story and characters. Same as any series I've worked on.

5. Yes. Though they might not readily admit it.

Response recorded on April 25, 2014