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Anonymous writes...


recently I posted a question about the powers of Wonder Woman's lasso (it was actually seperated into 2 posts) & they were deleted. I was just wondering, why?
Are the powers of her lasso a spoiler? I did not include any story ideas, or otherwise break any of the rules (unless they are in fact spoiler requests, in the case of which I apologize, but I honestly dont see how).
It seems that a lot of questions get past your moderators that clearly break the rules...especially asking questons that have been asked & answered about a billion times, or blatantly asking for spoilers, & even a few that clearly try to pass story ideas as questions.
So I wont ask my question again, but I was just wondering, why Wonder Woman's lasso is such a sensitive topic?
Do you have plans for it that would spoil a revilation in a story if people knew what it could do?

An Ask Greg Helper responds...


The reason your question on Wonder Woman's lasso was deleted was because it broke Guideline #6.

The maximum number of questions allowed per-post is 5. You asked, if I am remembering correctly, 8.

You are welcome to resubmit those questions at any time, so long as they are separated into multiple posts and each contains no more than 5 questions. Then the ASK GREG moderators will be happy to approve them and pass them along to Greg.


Response recorded on January 21, 2014