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Endless Strategy writes...

Some questions about the "Players" arc.
1: Where was Match being kept before he broke free? It seems to be Lex Corp, but since the forcefield is a sphere and it didn't cut off any buildings, wouldn't that make Lex Corp's basement half a mile deep?

2: What are the qualifications for having a Twelth Level Intellect?

3: Where does the average Earthling fit on this scale of intellects?

4: Can The Flash really move at Light Speed (or anything near it)? I mean, Light Speed is enough to traverse the globe in a second. And considering his confidence about moving Neutro in Bloodlines he can definitely maneuver just fine at extremely high speeds. But unless his opponents are moving at thousands of miles per second, wouldn't they be standing still to the Flash? His opponents aren't nearly that fast. For just one example, Wally is one of the fastest characters in the show and it still took him hours to cross a country.

5: Could you try to help me understand Brainiac's rationale for leaving earth? There were two main reasons presented. 1: His forcefield was taken out. 2: Seeing Superman assured him that even doomed worlds have a chance of not being totally lost. But I don't think either of these reasons are valid.

1: Wouldn't Brainiac carry more than 1 Forcefield generator? They're fairly small compared to his ship, I don't see why not.

2: How does a single citizen of Krypton surviving its destruction invalidate Brainiac's efforts to preserve Earth? Superman seems to know next to nothing about Krypton, meaning he's nothing more than a single living speciman. Brainiac certainly seemed to want more than single specimans of each race, and he didn't even take Superman with him. Also Superman will be dead in a few decades, so wouldn't whatever preservation of Krypton his survival amounted to be negated? I also find it hard to believe that Brainiac's "Twelth Level Intelligence" failed to anticipate that a world which presumably had spaceships might have managed to save some of its people.

It's not like Brainiac was listening to The Team before, and he still seemed to have the upper hand, so why did Brainiac agree to their request?

Greg responds...

1. More or less.

2. I'm not smart enough to know. But I'm sure the Collector has his criteria.

3. I think that's part of DC lore, but honestly I forget. I'd have to research it.

4. Flash is exponentially faster than Kid Flash. He can run at speeds approaching the Speed of Light. Kid Flash can only run at speeds approaching the Speed of Sound. It's a HUGE difference.

5. The first reason you give is immaterial. But I think the second reason is valid enough, given the unusual resistance he was meeting. It caused him to rethink his entire raison d'etre.

1. Of course, he has more than one.

2. See 5 above.

Response recorded on April 29, 2014