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Donald Speirs writes...

As a fellow author, I love collecting signed works. I live on the east coast (Lakeland, FL to be exact). How can I acquire a signed copy of your novel?

Thanks,and congrats on your first novel.

D.G. Speirs

Greg responds...

Um... hmm...

Well, I'm such a novice, I'm not sure.

Obviously, if you can make it to any of my convention appearances, that's one way. New Orleans Mecha-Con in August isn't THAT far from Florida, is it?

Or, I did sign a number of copies at MYSTERIOUS GALAXY BOOKSTORE in San Diego. I assume you could contact them and arrange to get a copy: http://www.mystgalaxy.com/

I'd be happy to sell you a signed copy myself, but there's the little problem of me not wanting to broadcast my home address or personal email on the internet.

I feel like I need to figure out a solution to this.

Response recorded on May 21, 2014