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Aris Katsaris writes...

I was wondering about the New Olympians.

1) How would you explain that though almost all seem to have come from Ancient Greece, they all seemed to speak in English?

2) Can New Olympians have offsprings with humans or gargoyles? If they can with humans, does that mean that Sphinx and Terry have one less problem in their hands than Elisa and Goliath?

Greg responds...

1. Mostly, I cannot. As I've mentioned before, the use of other languages on the World Tour was something I was talked out of. I regret that now. I think we need to assume that the New Olympians had studied English via radio and television transmissions. And that they had the language programmed into some kind of translation devise.

2. It is possible for some New Olympians to successfully mate with humans. So yes, maybe Sphinx and Terry would hav one less problem way down the road. Maybe. But you're way ahead of me, partner. No guarantee that they'd get to that bridge.

Response recorded on August 22, 1999