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Al writes...

Another Garg question that I didn't ask in the last post because I wasn't sure if they were related enough to post together...

I don't remember if you were the one to say this or if I read it in the GargWiki, but I seem to remember reading sonewhere that it was generally pretty easy to determine the parentage of a Garg because, like Angela, they will have the basic body structure of their same-sex parent with the coloring of the other.

Did I get this right?

If so, why does Gabrial not have the coloring of either Othello or Desdemona?
Normally I would just chalk it up to that rule not being thought of until after he was created - but he appeared alongside Angela who "introduced" us to that rule, so now I'm perplexed.

Greg responds...

As a general rule, you got it right. But it's just a general rule. It was never meant to be a no-exception kinda thing.

Response recorded on June 18, 2014