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JC writes...

Hey Greg,

One of my favorite clans in the Garg universe is the Mayan clan, especially because of the magic pendants. Now I've always been one of those "magic comes with a price" believers, and I loved it when you said the consequence of wearing the pendant was that they age at a Human rate.
But then I was perusing through the archives recently and discovered that you have since changed your mind on that, because doing the math was just too hard to calculate.
But don't Gargs only age at twice the rate of Humans? Wouldn't you only have to divide everything by two?

And as far as I can see it would inly be the breeding cycle that would get a little confusing, but it could still work. Assuming that they pendants arent given to a successor untill they reach maturity...a female pendant wearer would lay her first egg alongside her peers, then lay her second egg the same year the first one hatches, and finally lay her third egg when her peers are laying their second.

Now the second egg would hatch in the "off season"...but only if they even laid that egg. I would think that since a Gargoyle's fertility is attuned with the Earth's cycle, that only the two cycles that match up with the others could even result in an egg.

Anyway, it's past 3 am so my math could be off, but I think it's solid.

Greg responds...

I just can't address this now. (Because the math is overwhelming, and my head's just not there at this time. Too full of other projects.) Let's leave it as an open question, until I get back to writing Gargoyles, someday.

Response recorded on September 02, 2014