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EXALT writes...

A couple questions about "O is for obedience"...
1)Before learning the truth, did Caleb ever ask Julian abouth his mother's identity?
2A)If yes, what did Julian tell him?
2B)If no, who did he think his mother was?
3)What's the reason Julian decided not to tell Caleb of his mother's identity? Was there some kind of taboo against his love with the "Mage"?
4)Why wasn't Nerissa a part in Caleb's upbringing (or at least a stable part in his upbringing, since he still knew the "Mage")?
Thanks for your time!

Greg responds...

1. Probably.

2A. Not the truth.

2B. Never decided on the specifics of that.

3. It was, in theory, to protect Caleb from those who would seek to force the Mage to do their bidding.

4. I really don't understand what you're asking here.

Response recorded on September 17, 2014