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Alex writes...

So I bought Young Justice: Legacy and played it today. I'm going to be blunt, Greg. It was awful. I played 2 missions and stopped. I can't really come up with a single compliment. The graphics, the gameplay, movements, everything was awful. And the initial (joke?) Kid Flash dialogue about asking if the archeologist was rich made me cringe. I know the story must have been better, but I just can't see myself playing through this game.

I know this is not your fault AT ALL, but I just find it very unfortunate that a series I love so MUCH like Young Justice has been tainted by this awful awful game.

I was wondering if I would have appreciated it more had it been a mobile game, but the fact is I found the whole combat system completely counter-intuitive, I really don't know what Little Orbit was thinking.

I know it was a low budget game, but maybe Little Orbit should've tried making a side-scroller instead. This game tries to be X-Men Legends/Marvel Ultimate Alliance, when it is obvious that it doesn't have the resources to make a comparable game.

I really hope YJ is resurrected some day, but NOT like this.

Greg responds...

Well, I'm not sure what to say. I'm not a gamer, myself. I have no experience in this area. Other folks seemed to have enjoyed it well enough. But I can't judge. I'm still proud of the story, and I think the game is worth supporting for the story if nothing else, and because supporting ANY official YJ product is a vote for bringing the show back.

Response recorded on September 18, 2014