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Paul writes...

How did the parallel universe/Earth-16 approach come about in the development of Young Justice? Was the decision to set the show in an alternate timeline influenced by the discovery that you couldn't use Donna Troy as one of the Team's founding members? Obviously there was no way you'd have followed the comics to the letter even if you had used Donna and Garth, but maybe not being able to use all the founding Titans was what prompted you to 'embrace' the series as a parallel universe show - since that was one of the first big statements made about the show when it was announced back in 2010?

Greg responds...

No, it had nothing to do with any specific characters.

We knew that we'd be doing some stuff different; we knew we wanted to surprise our audience. We could have just done that without labeling it. But since (at the time) DC had 52 Earths, we figured we could - in our way - be IN continuity with their multiverse by choosing an unclaimed Earth (which is what we thought Earth-16 was).

Response recorded on September 30, 2014