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Lily gomez writes...

Why would the show depend on how much merchandise we buy?. We would all love to sit at home and re watch the episodes of YJ, and why would the show be left at a cliff hanger? after Kid Flash died i cried my eyes out and what would Artimis do with out him what would the team do with out him?

P.S. can you please send a message back I would love to know the anwsers.

Greg responds...

Hi, Lily.

1. The show is SO expensive to produce, that to pay for it, it needs to sell a lot of stuff (usually toys) to allow us to continue making it.

2. The show was NOT left on a cliffhanger unless you're stretching the definition of "cliffhanger" beyond all reasonable measure. Yes, there were loose ends and hints at future seasons, but EVERY major plot line of season two was tied up.

3. I'm afraid that's a spoiler request. I don't give out spoilers.

Response recorded on October 07, 2014