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ZachHanson writes...

Hi, My name is Zach,
As you can see, I am a nerd for Gargoyles. This show has changed my life! And I'm only 16!
Anyways, I've been on YouTube and noticed that there are no Short Films or Web-series on there.
1)Is it possible that there could be one of those?
2) Would it be alright if I created a Web-Series?

Greg responds...

I'm not sure what you're suggesting here. (I spend very little time on YouTube.) If you're asking about the video equivalent of fanfiction, then I don't have the authority - as I don't own the property - to either approve or disapprove.

I have always had a very mixed response to fan fiction. It's gratifying that fans love the show and its characters enough to want to create their own stories in that universe, but I'm also very territorial about Gargoyles in particular, so I'll admit (churlish as it might be) that there's a part of me that would love to just shout: "HANDS OFF!" (Particularly, when they prefer their version to mine.)

When I learned at one point that a now professional writer was turning a (revised) version of her Gargoyles fanfiction story into a non-Gargoyles Gargoyles movie for Disney, I was understandably upset. (Thankfully, that project seems to have vanished into the ether.)

And from the standpoint of creative people cutting their teeth, I don't recommend dedicating too much energy to a property that said creatives don't own themselves. Why not put your valuable time and energy and talents into something original that you DO own?

But, again, I don't own Gargoyles either. So it's not up to me. And again, I also understand that it's often meant as a tribute to the great work all the folks on Gargoyles did, in which case, I should simply say thank you.

(Oh, and if I've totally misinterpreted what you're talking about: FORGIVE ME!)

Response recorded on October 14, 2014