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Sophie writes...

Hi there Greg!

How are you?

I just wanted to ask a few questions that have captured my curiosity, and I have spent the last hour searching through the archives to make sure they haven't been answered already. Still, I'm so sorry if they have been asked before!

1. Did Bart really go to school in the future? He talks about 'not being a good history student' but for some reason, the state of the future he lived doesn't make it seem like he would be able to attend school.

2. Did Bart live with both of his parents in the future?

3. What was Bart's life like in the future? For some reason, and I'm not sure why, I figure human-kind would be enslaved, and Bart would be living in a crappy house somewhere in a polluted world. (Yeah, I'm pretty much thinking Dystopia). Of course, I don't think it would be a Utopia by any means, but am I over-elaborating and over-thinking how bad it could be?

4. When writing and creating characters, do you create elaborate back-stories, with even little bits of un-needed info (like fave. color, food, stuff like that)? I've heard that it is a very helpful way to get to know one's characters. If not, how do you 'create' such believable characters? Do you draw from experiences and people you've met in real life.

Many thanks!

Wishing you all of the best!


Greg responds...

1. He's clearly had some SCHOOLING. He knows how to read and write for example. Beyond that, I'm not committing.


3. It was very dystopic, for sure.

4. Yes, though I don't have rules as to what I do and don't have to figure out in advance. I figure out what I feel I need to. For one character, that might include his or her favorite color. For another, what they had for breakfast on their last birthday. For a third, who their biological parents REALLY are. And etc.

Response recorded on November 13, 2014