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Todd Jensen writes...

I read in "Ask Greg" that "Rain of the Ghosts" wasn't selling as well as you'd hoped, and was sorry to learn that.

I've noticed that the neighborhood bookstore (Left Bank Books, an independent bookstore in the Central West End in St. Louis, where I live) doesn't show "Rain of the Ghosts" on its shelves in the young adult section; I had to specifically order it at the desk to get a copy. Later, though, I visited a Barnes & Noble and noticed at least one copy of "Rain of the Ghosts" on display in the young adult section.

I don't know if there's a connection there or not, but I do think that it doesn't bode well for sales when it's not actually there on the shelves where customers can see it. I hope that Left Bank Books will find space on its shelves for "Spirits of Ash and Foam" when it comes out.

Greg responds...

I hope so too. Plus these things are all connected. The more people who order the book (as you did) the more likely the store will take notice and put copies out.

Response recorded on November 14, 2014