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Anonymous writes...

First of all, I'd like to thank you for two great seasons of Spectacular Spiderman. I haven't loved an animation this much since BTAS; the character development, story and animation were all of a high standard.

Now onto the questions.

1. In regards to Spectacular Spiderman's cancellations due to complications, did you or anyone part of the creative team attempt to ask Sony or Marvel to reconsider their decision?

2. With the upcoming Bluray release of all 26 episodes of Spectacular Spiderman, do you think sales and new reception may be able to persuade Sony or Marvel to continue production for a Season 3, and perhaps more?

3. Did the ratings and/or toy sales for Spectacular Spiderman impact its eventual cancellation or was it purely based on specific ownership rights?

I really appreciate you and your partner's work on Spectacular Spiderman, and your contribution and willingness to interact withe community.

Thank you.

Greg responds...

1. Yes. But at the time, it was almost corporately impossible.

2. I think it's unlikely. But I hope I'm wrong. And certainly if it sell poorly, that'll doom it for sure.

3. Mostly the latter. Our ratings were stellar during Season One on Kids WB. Less stellar during Season Two on Disney XD, though I believe there were extenuating circumstances to explain that. Toy sales were okay but not great, which didn't help either. But mostly it had to do with Marvel having the rights back to make an animated Spidey series, but Sony still holding the rights to the specific Spectacular version.

Response recorded on November 14, 2014