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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

I have to admit that despite Wally being my favorite DC character that I had a love/hate relationship with Young Justice's version of the character (or perhaps with the execution of his story?). And I've noticed this is a pretty common feeling within the fandom as Wally is not only one of the more popular characters from the show, but he's also near the top when it comes to the most disliked as well.

Anyway, someone brought up some of the big perceived flaws about Wally's character that I had, and you said they chose to interpret Wally in the most negative light possible, and that wasn't how you guys saw him. So would it be okay to ask how you guys viewed Wally and his story? I'm not asking you to go into great detail, but maybe some sort of general overview? I know that certain things or ideas don't always translate over onto the show as well as people would like for a number of legitimate reasons (or people like myself just miss things), so I'm curious how you viewed Wally and his story.

Greg responds...

I appreciate the reasoned tone of your request, truly. But I've written the answer to it up OVER AND OVER. (And over.) So take a look at the archives. It's all there at this point.

Response recorded on November 14, 2014