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Endless Strategy writes...

1: Has Red Volcano attempted to erupt a super volcano again? If not, then why not?

2: "Bio" ship implies that ships like Miss Martian's can be grown, mass-produced. Is that the case?

3: Why haven't more Martians attempted to come to earth?

4: Why has no Zeta-Tube been built on Mars?

5: Why haven't more people been administered the Blockbuster or Kobra-Blockbuster Venom?

Greg responds...

1. No spoilers.

2. Grown, yes. Mass-produced, no.

3. Not that easy to get here. Even harder to get back.

4. Until Sardath accidentally brought Adam Strange to Rann, it wasn't thought that a Zeta-Tube would work over that kind of distance. As you saw on the show, simply establishing communication between the two planets is controversial. Allowing teleportation between the worlds isn't going to be commonplace anytime soon.

5. Who says they haven't? In any case, no spoilers.

Response recorded on December 12, 2014