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Gabriel Fontana writes...

Hello Mr. Weisman, I am a student attending the college at Brockport currently enrolled in a fundamentals of media course. For my final project, I have to interview a media professional, as vague as that sounds. I have been a fan of your works for a long time now, and thought you would be a great choice for my project. I'm open to whatever is most convenient, whether it's over email or over the phone. I don't want to take up any of your time, and I would completely understand if you declined.

You can reach me at:
email: fontanagabriel7@gmail.com
or over the phone at:
Thank you for your time

Greg responds...

Hi Gabriel,

You posted this way back in May, and it's now December - so I'm thinking I'm at least two semesters too late to respond. Sorry. For more urgent needs, folks can reach me on Twitter @Greg_Weisman or contact the site manager Gorebash, who knows how to reach me directly.

Response recorded on December 17, 2014