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Arlo writes...

Titania has clearly gone out of her way to help Goliath and his clan on more than one occasion (i.e. helping him in Ill Met By Moonlight, and then getting his clan reinstated to their home in The Gathering). The only reason she has given so far is to repay a favor rendered, that is, to repay Goliath for his assistance in stopping the Matrix in Walkabout. But this seems a bit much to do to repay a favor. But it seems to me that her motivation is a bit more.

1. Would you say Titania likes Goliath/has a lot of respect for him?

2. If yes, would you say the reason is more because of what she has witnessed of his character firsthand, or because of what Fox has told her about him?

3. Is Titania trying to make up for some of the things Fox and David have done to Goliath and his clan?

4. Would you say Titania's motivations for reinstating Goliath's clan to their ancestral home are more to repay a favor, more because she genuinely likes/respects Goliath, more to make up for what Fox and David have done to his clan, more to establish a good protector for Fox and Alexander, or some combination of the above?

5. You've said that you don't plan to reveal what Titania whispered to Fox because the fan community has built it up so much, that what you had planned would be, in your words, anticlimatic. But wouldn't the fact that you have no plans to use it be a reason to reveal it, since you have no use for it in future stories anyway? I kind of get the impression that the reason you're so steadfast in not revealing it is because you still have plans to use it in some way. Care to give any input?

Thanks for your time.

Greg responds...

1. Likes him, yes. Has respect for him, yes. A LOT of respect for him... well...

2. Neither, really.

3. No.

4. You're leaving out a major factor.

5. No Spoilers.

Response recorded on June 29, 2015