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Avi writes...

How is eveything Greg? I am currently in an X-Men mood, with the new movie out so I felt like asking a few X-Men questions.
1. What is your opinion on X-Men First Class? It's one of my favorite comic book films so I wanted to ask.
1A. I remember you saying in your X-Men movie ramble you would rather the black leather suits over the comic book costumes translated to the big screen. In First Class, we got yellow and blue costumes that worked, for me at least. In a post-Avengers world, do you think the X-Men costumes can be adapted on the big screen? Or at least a variation of them, ala First Class?
2. What is your opinion on X-Men Days of Future Past (The film)?
3. Do you like Joss Whedon's X-Men run?
4. What is the X-Men story or run that you enjoyed the most?
5. Since your dropped the X-Men comic book long before dropping comics in general, has that tainted your love of the X-Men? What I mean is, if offered by Marvel and Disney, would you like to be involved in the making of an X-Men series?
Oh and, Long live Gargoyles! It's the best animated series I have ever watched. I'm on Pendragon. I got out of it because of school work but I'm gonna definitely get back into it. Thanks for your amazing work! Hope everything is "crash"!

Greg responds...

1. I love the milieu, the ambience, and the acting of the leads. But I thought the story was borderline nonsensical. And I wasn't wild about some of the character choices.

1a. A variation. Depending on the variation.

2. I liked it, in general. They pulled off telling one of the most significant comic book stories of my life. There are plenty of little things I could object to, but overall, great work.

3. Mostly.

4. Probably the Claremont stuff from the 80s before things got out of control. Ironically, though I loved "Days of Future Past," it led to exactly the kind of stuff that made me give up reading the X-titles.

5. I still love those characters. If any company wanted me aboard an X-project, I'd leap at the chance.

Response recorded on July 24, 2015