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Phoenician writes...

So here's my entry into the Rain of the Ghosts typo contest -- In Chapter 12 "The Storm," on page 114, in the first full paragraph, we have Rain studying the familiar faces of the Eight. In the middle of the paragraph we read the sentence, "She looked at young Joey C. Wounded but smiling--and now so obviously good Old Joe."

But what I think happened was that period was taken as the end of a sentence and not part of an initial of a last name. So there after the 'Joey C.' I think was supposed to be a dash with a lower-case 'wounded' instead of just the upper-case 'Wounded.'

For example: "She looked at young Joey C.--wounded but smiling--and now so obviously good Old Joe."

Whether it's an actual typo or not, know that I only noticed it while I was rereading the first book in anticipation for Spirits of Ash and Foam! :)

Greg responds...

I see what you're saying, but no. That was intentional. The period after Joey C doubles as both the period after the initial and the end of the sentence.

Nice try though!

Response recorded on August 06, 2015