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Anonymous writes...

I recently watched the first season of Young Justice and I loved nearly everything about it. But there was two things that I didn't quite understand.

1. The first being Red Arrow's logic in determining there was no mole in "Performance". He claimed that since he now saw them in action that there was no way they (Artemis/M'gann/Conner) would betray the team. Yet Artemis did just that on the previous mission (Red Arrow was there) in "Insecurity", and that mission even involved the person that leaked there was a mole in Sporstmaster.

Not to mention it was clear that Superboy and the others knew about Red Arrow's distrust of them. So why would they do something when they knew he was watching them closely? Plus, if him theorizing that his programming was part of the reason he casted suspicion on them is correct, then how did he overcome it with such little evidence?

2. The second thing I didn't understand was Artemis' sudden romantic interest in Wally at the end. I get that he was shown to be crazy about her, but nothing from when she showed up in "Infiltrator" to "Performance" gave me the impression that she reciprocated those feelings. She was only show to care about Wally to the extent that they were teammates and sort of friends. She treated him the same way she did all the others aside from getting annoyed by him occasionally.

The only guy she was shown to have any romantic feelings for was Conner. So her agreeing that Wally should have kissed her "a long time ago" felt really out of place. It's not that I don't think she could have liked Wally, but there was nothing there that made me believe she did before it came out of the blue at the end.

Greg responds...

1. I think, given the fact that he knew that he was already in the League, there was less of a subconscious NEED for him to feel there was a mole. And so, for once, camaraderie won out over suspicion. OR - you could believe he was lulling them into a false sense of security. Pick your poison.

2. If you don't see she was interested in Wally, I doubt I can convince you. But from our point of view, her attraction was there (though intentionally somewhat subtle) from "Denial" at least, and probably from moment one. Certainly, in "Bereft," it's clear that they have a connection - no matter how hard both try to deny it. Many fans agree, so I feel like we succeeded.

3. She was, without a doubt, superficially interested in Conner. But that was a pretty shallow attraction.

Response recorded on August 07, 2015