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Flynn writes...

If Queen Bee's pheromones only work on humans who are attracted to women, do they work on Superboy because he's half-human, or do they not because he's half-kryptonian?

Greg responds...

As of the end of Season One, Superboy hasn't been tested. In episode 25, no one wanted to take the chance that they MIGHT effect him. So the Team used subterfuge so that Queen Bee wouldn't bother trying to control him, because in theory he was (a) already subject to Lex's keyword and (b) he seemed to have been co-opted along with Artemis and Miss Martian. Before they revealed that neither (a) nor (b) was true, the girls made sure that Queen Bee had been taken out.

I realize that doesn't answer your question, but it does serve to explain why my real answer is NO SPOILERS.

Response recorded on January 13, 2016