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SpiderManFan writes...

I have a couple questions about Spectacular Spider-man so here goes
1) How is Ox, an ordinary human able to hold spidey in a bear hug without him breaking free? (spider-man is able to escape but only by pulling on Ox's moustache and forcing him to let go)

2)Why is it that sometimes spider-man's webs come out in streams and other times they come out like a net?

3) How was Eddie Brock able to make his own web-shooters?

5) How did Peter make the original web shooters? Is it like the ultimate comics where it was a formula his father had been working on and Peter finished it, or is it more like the original comics where he just came up with the idea on his own?

Thank you for taking the time to read all these questions . I recently tried to watch ultimate spider-man and I only made it through a couple of episodes before I gave up on it. Ultimate isn't bad only because they changed things, I understand that some changes are necessary and even enjoyed the changes that were made in spectacular. The reason I enjoyed your show so much is that despite the changes spectacular spider-man stayed true to the spirit of the characters, while ultimate spider-man has not. So thank you once again for making a show that was able to capture the spirit of the original spider-man stories while updating them to a modern setting.

Greg responds...

1. Ox is strong. Spidey is stronger, but he's no Superman. If he's got no leverage, he can't just shrug the guy off.

2. Depends on how he sets the shooters, which he can do by where he presses down with his finger.

3. I assume you don't mean as Venom. Keep in mind, he has all of Pete's memories from his time as Venom. Otherwise, NO SPOILERS.

4. There is no question 4.

5. No spoilers.

I haven't seen Ultimate, so I have no opinion on it. But I know a lot of very talented people worked on it. In any case, it's not a competition. But I am glad you enjoyed Spectacular.

Response recorded on January 22, 2016