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Christopher Rosa writes...

Hello Greg this is Christopher Rosa I have some questions for you,

1. I remember reading you saying that there are no original characters in Spectacular Spider-Man, that got me thinking, I remember in episode Reaction there other cheerleaders appear with Liz and Sally, one with light brown hair, another with black hair who was black, and finally one I think with brown or black hair, are these background characters base on canon characters, or are they nameless characters you just made, and if there are not nameless I like to hear there names?

2. I was wondering if you have a change to continued Spectacular Spider-Man, would you change any plans you had in 2009, like there are new supporting characters, villains, and allis Spider-Man has now that did exist, example L. Thompson Lincoln now has a daughter, Im not looking for a spoiler answer and I hope this is not a spoiler question but if you do start up Spectacular Spider-Man again would you consider using a character that did not exist in 2009?

Greg responds...

1. They were probably nameless, but I don't recall.

2. Yes, I'd consider it.

Response recorded on February 08, 2016