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Andres writes...

I love YJ awesome work between YJ and Geoff Johns work on Aquaman in new 52 I have renewed interest in the character and has become my favorite of the New 52 comics. Aqualad is the best created tv superhero character ever is my opinion. Watched a few episodes recently and I have just one question. In season is established that Aqualad is one of the more experienced and powerful members of YJ but in season 1 he is defeated soundly by Chester but by season 2 Kaldur is taking on half of YJ and holding his own and taking out Superboy with a couple of blows even after Superboy advancing in fight technique with instruction by Black Canary. Is this simple progression of fighting ability or increase in power?

Greg responds...

Mostly the former, but I also don't agree with the premise of your question. I think you are (a) underestimating CHESHIRE and (b) not taking into account that the first time one fights any new opponent, it's going to be more difficult then fighting someone you know well, and (c) missing the fact that Aqualad intentionally threw the fight with Cheshire at least once.

Plus, you're skipping all the other season one battles he had.

It's just an odd question.

But if what you're asking is whether or not he got more powerful between seasons, the answer is basically no.

Response recorded on February 10, 2016