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Cameron02 writes...

Are the earth-16 martian power set telekinesis,telepathy,shape-shifting,camouflage,super-strength, flight,Density-shifting, and durability?

Greg responds...


They really only have two powers: mental and physical.

The mental includes telepathy and telekinesis, and the latter is what allows them to fly. It also allows them to control their organic clothing (and the Bio-Ship).

The physical is all about shape-shifting. Because they are generally shape-shifting into something smaller than their true form, they have a relatively high mass for their volume, i.e. a higher density, which gives them super-strength and durability. They can shift their density to allow them to pass through solid objects, and they can shape-shift their color, allowing them to camouflage their skin. (As for, camouflaging their clothes, see above.)

I think that covers it.

Response recorded on February 16, 2016