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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news. In "The Multiversity: The Just #1", your "Young Justice" universe apparently only exists as a video game series on Grant Morrison's Earth-16.

How screwed up is that?! I would have to assume that if you plan to come back to "Young Justice," you'd probably reboot the series on yet another parallel Earth (perhaps one of the seven intentionally unknown parallel Earths in the new 52 DC multiverse)?

Greg responds...

We were given Earth-16. Not sure why DC/Morrison chose to do what they did in Multiversity. I wasn't privy to that decision. It's disappointing, but I'm sure they had their reasons.

If we come back, we're still Earth-16. It's too late for us to change.

If that screws things up, well... c'est la vie.

And if all we are is a video game on someone's world, well - we're a hell of a game!

Response recorded on February 16, 2016