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haters gonna hate. writes...

I think that you'll find that you have been answering SPOILER to many Young Justice questions. I thought the show had finished. technically you cannot spoil that which is over. in saying SPOILERS, you are implying that Young Justice is in fact not over. thank you. also. how much more protesting/ buying of merchandise will it take to bring back Young Justice?

Greg responds...

I think I've made it very clear that Young Justice is not finished in my mind. I still hold out hope that it will come back. Always have.

Protesting accomplishes pretty much nothing. Buying merchandise does help if it's merchandise that pays back to Warner Bros or DC Comics.

That means, at this point, the following:

BUY THE DVDS and/or BLURAYS from a legit source (i.e. don't pirate them or buy them second-hand/used).


VIEW Season One and Season Two OVER AND OVER on NETFLIX.

Response recorded on February 16, 2016