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Chris writes...

Hi Mr. Weisman,

I first want to say that I enjoy Young Justice so much. Anyway I also wanted to ask

1.) In Season 2's "Intervention" was there any reason why the squad sent to free Blue Beetle wasn't all female? They did go to Qurac so was Queen Bee not a concern?

2.) Is it safe to assume that by the end of Season 2 the League had no evidence of Lex Luther's or Queen Bee's involvement in the Light and the Reach invasion? Lex seems to admit being part of the Light and helping the invasion in "Endgame" despite General Secretary Tseng being present but Tseng was kind of far away.

3.) What happened to the Reach scientist following her trial before the Guardians? Was her competence ever recognised considering the fact that the Ambassador consistently ignored her?

Greg responds...

1. I'd imagine they kept track of where she was, and she was in Bialya at the time. Plus, I doubt Impulse could have been convinced to skip the mission, so...

2. They have no hard evidence of Lex or Bee's complicity, correct.


Response recorded on February 17, 2016