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Spectacular Spider-Fan writes...

1. Are the symbiote's webs living pieces of the symbiote, dead symbiote matter, or just waste produced by the symbiote?
2. Peter's costume gets ripped or torn in many episodes. How does he repair it?
3. In the Big Sky Billiard Room, there is a sign in the background that says "No gambling". Was this a joke, or does Montana not approve of or know about Blackie Gaxton being a bookie?
4. In Group Therapy, there is a sign that says "Jazzy Gianni: The Musical". In Gangland, the restaurant where the M^3 kids are eating is also called Jazzy Gianni's. Who is Jazzy Gianni, and why are a restaurant and a musical named after him?
5. What are those metal things Hammerhead wears on his hands? Do they enhance his strength?

Greg responds...

1. Fine question. I have no idea. I'll leave that to your interpretation.

2. With difficulty. (Also, he has two identical costumes.)

3. None of the above. What's legal and posted, doesn't always get respected - either by the owner or the help.

4. Jazzy Gianni was our code for Jazzy Johnny Romita Sr., the second artist (after Steve Ditko) to team with Stan Lee on Spider-Man. In universe, we imagined that Jazzy Gianni was a legendary man-about-town in New York City. And who's to say we're wrong?

5. They're the equivalent of brass knuckles. They don't enhance his strength, but they enhance the damage he can do with his fists.

Response recorded on February 17, 2016