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Spectacular Spider-Fan writes...

1. Where was Master Planner's lair? What was the building Spider-Man was looking at, how did he know he could enter underwater, how was it built, and how did the villains get in?
2. What did Black Cat do with the stolen jewel from the end of Persona?
3. How did Vulture fire the lasers from the back of his wings in Shear Strength?
4. Why did nobody at the racetrack notice the Green Goblin? It wasn't a very good disguise.
5. What experiment was Dr. Octavius working on that caused the arms to fuse to him? Was it a normal experiment or a supervillain one?

Greg responds...

1a. In the river.

1b. I don't recall.

1c. He got that info from Tinkerer, didn't he? (It's been a while, and my memory isn't the best.)

1d. I think that was more or less spelled out in the episode. At least to the extent one needs to know.

1e. In an elevator from that building, maybe?

2. Fenced it.

3. Hidden controls.

4. If you say so.

5. Define "normal".

Response recorded on February 17, 2016