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Lorisa214 writes...

Hello Grreg! :)
1) What Roy Harper had to get a new SIN?
- (Social Insurance Number. I'm not sure what it's called in the States. But everyone gets one and it identifies you & only you)
2) Can we agree that Artemis' Birthday would be in December.
3) Would she we 21 at the end of Season Two?
4) What kind of funeral did Artemis have? Did her whole family show up? Was it formal?
5) What kind of funeral did Wally have? Did he /Artemis have two funerals, one dealing with the JL, & one for the public/friends and family.

Greg responds...

1. Which Roy are we talking about?

2. No. I'm quite sure I haven't decided when in the year her actual birthday is, so why would I "agree" to December?

3. Not necessarily. She would be 21 by the end of the year in which Season Two is set. But not necessarily by the end of the season, which ended on July 4th.

4. I'll leave that to your imagination for the time being.

5. Ditto.

Response recorded on April 13, 2016