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Phill writes...

Hi Greg, I'm a lifelong fan of your work since I watched Gargoyles all those years ago, and I couldn't help but notice

Throughout Gargoyles, (and even your other works such as Young Justice (such as the inclusion of Tye Longshadow) there is an Indigenous American influence in the way that Elisa Maza has Hopi ancestry, and there's other episodes that follow other Native American tribes such as Heritage, the Green, and Cloud Fathers...(which I enjoy because of the lack of representation of Native Americans within media).

I suppose the question to ask is,
1. Is it mere coincidence that you enjoy Native American characters in your work?
2. If not, where do you believe your interest in representing Native Americans on screen came from?
I apologize if this question is convoluted.

Greg responds...

1. I enjoy (and believe it's important) presenting a diverse set of characters and voices in my work. Not only Native American, but also African, Asian, and etc. This isn't some politically correct position (though it's nice that it works out that way). Rather it's completely selfish. Because otherwise... HOW BORING! Believe me, I like so-called Western Culture too, as anyone who looks at my work can see. But it's way more interesting to also include diverse points of view, diverse mythologies, etc. Plus, as a storyteller, I like my stories - no matter how fantastic - to be grounded in the real world. And the real world is a diverse place.

2. All cultures fascinate me. The great variety of Native American cultures, included.

Response recorded on April 20, 2016