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Anonymous writes...

(1) I believe you mentioned that, because of other obligations,
Patrick Stewart was unable to contribute his talents to Gargoyles. Had he
done so, though, which part would he have played? Someone during the first two
seasons (like Mace Malone), or someone we haven't met yet (like Mr.
Duval, or the Director)?

(2) In my earlier post, asking whether more "Western" deities, like
Jesus or Buddha (Mohammed being a prophet) were also Children of Oberon, I
didn't mean to imply that the show was condescending toward those that were
so represented, and I apologize. I guess this one wasn't a question.
Thanks a lot for being such a mensch and putting up with all our
obsessive nitpicking. Of course, we wouldn't be doing all this brooding if you
hadn't come up with such creative, compelling stories in the first place. So
maybe you deserve it, after all ;)

Greg responds...

1) That's not what I said. We couldn't meet his agent's
standard price for voice over work. We discussed asking Jonathan or
Marina to make a personal appeal to Patrick directly, but we decided
that that would be an unfair request. We briefly considered Mr. Stewart
for at least three parts. All three were eventually cast with great
people. I have no regrets. Two of the characters were originally
introduced in the first season. One was intoduced in the second.
Frankly, I think at least two of the three are obvious. So let's start
a contest. The first person to name (by posting here at ASK GREG) the
three parts that we considered Patrick Stewart for will win... well, a
lot of personal satisfaction and gloating privelidges. No credit for
partial answers, and I won't be giving hints. Enter as often as you

2) No apologies necessary. I didn't take offense. But it's
nice to have someone point out unconcious biases occasionally.
(GDW / 3-17-98)

Response recorded on March 17, 1998