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Nolan Nimble writes...

Hey Mr. Weisman

I recall that you, once upon a time, collected Legion of Superheroes (LOSH) comic books and that you used to be a fan of the property. So, considering that you did work (Young Justice) in the same universe as the LOSH property, my question is this: do you, in your professional opinion, think that someone could effectively do a LOSH show that carried on indefinitely? (I know that there used to be such a show, but it was cancelled fairly early on and, ever since then, there has been much vitriol spewed out against the property. Even now, the critics are whining about how a LOSH movie, in the current DC comics cinematic universe could never work.) If you were ever given the chance, do you think that you would be willing to write for and/or spearhead such a show?

Greg responds...

I'd be happy to do a Legion show. Wrote one episode of the previous Legion show. But this notion of ANY show "that carried on indefinitely" is just wishful thinking. The Simpsons. 60 Minutes. Maybe they can go on forever. Maybe. But even Law & Order ended its run.

Response recorded on May 23, 2016