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Ay writes...

Out of curiosity, do Tim and Dick consider each other brothers? They have the same foster dad and kick-butt butler but I'm curious. I mean I say "my best friends are like siblings" and don't get me wrong; I love them like my own, but they're not an integral part of my family life, so I don't consider them actual siblings, or refer to them as siblings to other people. Because even though it feels that way, it wouldn't make sense for me personally to refer to them as such. So do Tim and Dick just feel brotherly towards each other, or do they actually consider and refer to each other their brother, and do they express this to others (ie, has Dick mention in passing that he has a younger brother in high school)? Would it make "sense" to them, or would it feel a little off? Thank you for your time!

Greg responds...

They consider each other family, for sure. The relationship is of course fraternal, but I don't know that they've felt a need to label it.

Response recorded on June 22, 2016