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Harlan of Ash and Foam writes...

Decided to rewatch the making-of video for the Rain of the Ghosts audio play.


Around the :38 seconds mark, you mention you were developing "another series" set in New Orleans prior to fully developing Rain.

1. Was this series one of the other Dreamworks projects (Madison & MON-ro, Treasure Hunters Inc., etc?) or was it developed on spec without any studio affiliation?

2. If the former, would you be willing to divulge which of these series was set in New Orleans?

Greg responds...

1. I developed this right in between my tenures at Disney and DreamWorks. So I own it. I've tried more than once to sell it over the years. But no luck, so far.

2. It was called "The Trickster".

Response recorded on July 27, 2016