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Nehuen writes...

Mister Weisman , I am a boy of 15 years of Argentina,from now excuse me if my English is very low expectation,I wanted to tell you about your tv series called "Young Justice",You and your team did a wonderful job, i love dc universe and everything that includes superheroes but you changed my life, I was a rebellious boy to my task not spend much time in the streets, when I saw the TV series left shocked after I saw his first season change radically thanks to you now consider myself a better person. Thank you so much for doing that, but now I am really sad because the third season of Young Justice will not occur and the truth that can make a lot of money had a very open-ended and all your fans, fans of the series want to Somehow or another they finish making the third season and more seasons if you can, if not enough money to do the show through the internet that much encerio love that series, cried with the death of Wally, cry with death sagebrush and I blame you for that because there was dead lol, I appreciate you have made this series and brother want puedieras continue to produce more this season, and if not well at least answer me. I admire command you health and peace for you and the whole team of "Young Justice"

Greg responds...

Hi Nehuen,

I'm very gratified that the series meant so much to you. And, if it helps, I think there is a decent chance of getting the series back. We're asking all the fans to binge-watch YOUNG JUSTICE on Netflix. I don't know if you have Netflix in Argentina or if YJ is on it, if you do. But if so, please watch the show over and over. It will really help us get it back.

Response recorded on August 24, 2016