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Mr. Chesley writes...

Hello Greg,

1) Chelsey here. Just wanted to congratulate you on Star Wars Rebels, huge fan of it. Were you a fan of the Clone Wars prior to Rebels?

2) I am disappointed to here your thoughts on ROTJ. Haha, I think you're a bit crazy for it(I kid). I get your critique on the Ewoks but the scenes in the Emperor's Throne Room....I am not sure how you could have done that any better. The Emperor is using the second death star as a trap to lure the Rebels to zap them one by one, not sure what's so bad about that. Also, the reason why Darth Vader is character he is who he is today is because of Return of the Jedi.

3) Were you a fan of the Kevin Conroy Batman animated series in the 90's?

Greg responds...

1. I wasn't actually. Hadn't seen it or not much of it, really. When I got the gig, I began watching it and became a fan, particularly of Asohka.

2. I believe the scene with the Emperor is poorly edited and written. If the Emperor just keeps his mouth shut for five minutes, Luke turns to the dark side and the Empire wins. But the Emperor insists on gloating out loud, and it's that very gloating that keeps Luke from turning. Not once. Not twice. But three times. I don't mind the ewoks, by the way. Don't love everything about how they were used in the movie. But they're not my issue with that lukewarm film. I also really hate that Luke and Leia are siblings. I will go to my grave thinking that was not the original plan, and that it was an unnecessary and wrongheaded addition to the canon.

3. Of course. Huge fan. Still am.

Response recorded on September 12, 2016