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Clone Trooper Commander Doom writes...

In regards to issue #7 of Kanan(great so far by the way) we see Depa Bilaba going through retraining by the council after going through a war campaign with casualties. Firstly, does this mean that all the events of the novel Shatterpoint are null and void? And also, Pong Krell still got to serve in the clone wars despite having massive casualties(according to Fives). Does this make the Jedi council inconsistent? Thank you.

Greg responds...

Shatterpoint is part of Star Wars Legends. How much or how little of it happened in reality is not my call to make. Ask the Lucasfilm Story Group. But I know what was presented in Star Wars Kanan IS canon.

I can't answer the Pong Krell question either, except to say that each situation is specific and individual. Depa - who, by the way, wasn't undergoing "retraining" at all, but was getting herself back up on her feet while being tested - may have needed something different from what Pong Krell needed. It's not inconsistency to tailor an approach to the needs of the individual.

Response recorded on September 13, 2016