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Windona writes...

Long time fan, occasional asker here. I've loved all your work on Spectacular Spider-Man, Young Justice, Gargoyles, and now Star Wars Rebels. (Hearing that you were going to be working on Rebels about a year and a half ago is actually what got me to start looking at the greater Star Wars universe and become a huge fan, so I also have to thank you for getting me into a wonderful fandom!)

I am curious though about your work on the Kanan comic.

1) Was it something you asked to do or were asked to do? (I guess I'm curious if you went and said 'I have a great idea for a comic' or if someone came up to you and said 'So we have a comic idea we want you for...')
2) Kanan's traits of curiosity; I find it interesting that the fact he asks questions a lot was something prominent as a child, but seems very muted as an adult. Did he stop asking questions a lot due to trauma, or was it a natural result of growing up on the run?

I want to thank you for taking the time to answer these questions, and have a wonderful day!

Greg responds...

1. I was asked and jumped at the chance.

2. All of the above.

Response recorded on September 20, 2016