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Coldstone writes...

Few questions on the robotic twins.

1)Are Jackal and Hyena's parents alive and who are they? (what are their names,where do they live?)
2)What are Jackal and Hyena's real names?
3)Would they be alive in G2158? I mean,when they're finished getting better upgrades they'll probably have their insides scooped out and replaced with circuits and wires and guns etc.
4) I know this contradicts my last question and the answers probably no but can they have kids?

Greg responds...

1. Haven't focused on this yet.

2. I've covered this to the extent I intend to at this time. Check the Pack archive.

3. They would not be alive. But that doesn't mean there wouldn't be a J&H.

4. Why not? I'm confident they would not have allowed their sexual organs to be removed.

Response recorded on June 13, 2000